Car Hire Scandal & Why the Future is Peer-to-Peer

Unnecessary extras, overpriced insurance, unhelpful customer service and staff that are paid extra to spot (sometimes pre-existing) damages on vehicles – everything you want in a car rental company, right? Well, a certain well-known car hire company seem to think this is the exact business model their customers need.

A whistleblower has claimed that this company’s staff are paid for every ‘damage’ they spot on a car. Staff are seemingly paid to cheat customers and are rewarded for every vehicle they flag as damaged, regardless of whether a repair is actually warranted. The staff member said:

“Agents earn £4 per vehicle for spotting damage. Yet some scratches I can barely see. I was not surprised to find we have been raided (by Trading Standards). The company should be held to account for ripping off its customers. It is dishonest and unacceptable.”

Nevermind an actual staff member coming forward, but a quick google of customers’ experience with the same company displays all kinds of awful reviews:


Comments such as “They don’t check with you for damage before it leaves the lot”, “Overcharged”, “Not as advertised”, “Swindlers” and “Attitude of staff member was unacceptable” dominate the reviews section. It’s clear that car hire companies do not work with their customers in mind.

Taking advantage of customers and treating them so unfairly is appalling and exactly why peer-to-peer car rental is the way forward. Real people, real drivers and set prices with fully comprehensive insurance and 24 hr breakdown assistance is as assured as one can get in the car rental industry. I would advise anyone planning on renting a car to first check a peer-to-peer platform before approaching car rental companies – it’s simpler and as a renter, you have a lot more control of the situation.

From researching online, evidence is emerging that dishonest practices are endemic across the car hire industry. At Fleet, we strive for excellence and fairness, not like these corporate giants. Yes, we’re a car rental platform, but car owners are making money too while renters enjoy their pick of vehicles at times, and prices, that suit them. And best of all, it’s all at the touch of a button.

Rental companies need to step up their game or get out of the driver’s seat; peer-to-peer car sharing is about to take over.

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