Car Owners – How can Your Car Work for You?

Having launched only 1 month ago, we’re delighted to see that Fleet has already reached over 5000 users. We’ve had so much interest from the media and public, encountered some teething issues, received a lot of great feedback and suggestions, and have witnessed successful interactions between car owners and renters. Car owners are continuing to list their vehicles daily and we’re grateful for those of you who have put your trust in our service. We’ve had some glowing reviews so far. But for car owners out there who still need a nudge in the right direction, let’s talk about the process involved and the pros of using Fleet to make some extra money…

Listing your car is so easy to do. If you own a car which is no older than 13 years, you can list it on the app. Download Fleet from the App Store or Google Play and create your account. Anyone over the age of 18 can monetise their vehicle, so whether you’re paying for college, a mortgage, a family or want to save for the holidays, Fleet is the perfect way to earn some extra cash. Whether you work 9-5 and your car sits at home most of the week, or you have a second car that you only use on the weekends, it doesn’t cost you anything to list it – you have nothing to lose!

At Fleet, we know your car is important to you and we know you’re bound to have worries, so we want to put your mind at ease. In the unlikely event of your car being damaged while rented through Fleet, you will not be held accountable. All vehicles rented through Fleet are covered with fully comprehensive insurance with AXA and 24 hr breakdown assistance. This insurance policy supersedes any policy already on the car and will not affect your personal premium. The renter is advised that if any problems do arise, to contact Fleet immediately. We will work with AXA to make sure that the process causes the least inconvenience to the car owner possible.

In the case of fines and/or penalty points, if the owner of the car receives a fine they should contact Fleet. We will supply the car owner with the details of the renter, and the car owner has 28 days to nominate that person as the driver at the time of the fine. Fleet will contact the driver of the car and advise them that they must accept the penalty points as we document and store all driver information as evidence of who was driving the vehicle at the time of the incident in the event of any disputes.

At Fleet, we care about car owners having a fulfilling car sharing experience. We welcome any suggestions and feedback as it is of mutual interest we refine our process and ensure car owners feel safe listing a car on our platform. Of course, this is a constant learning curve for us and there is always room to improve. But we are working our hardest to make Fleet a revolutionary service in the motor industry, one with excellent customer service and fulfilling interactions between drivers from all walks of life.

Remember, car sharing is caring, and at Fleet we care about the entire process. We care about our car owners and renters and the experience both parties come away with. So, happy car sharing everyone! We’re always here to help if any queries or issues arise.

-The Fleet Team



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Hi Shauna,

You’re saying cars up to 13 y.o, and drivers from 18y.o are accepted yet the app states cars up to 10y.o. and drivers over 25 y.o. only.
Please verify.



Hi James, as of this week we will be accepting cars from 13 years old, the update is in progress. As for 25 years, that’s the age that you can rent a car, but you can be 18 to list your vehicle. Thanks!

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