Day Trips with Fleet

Waking up this morning in the Costa Brava was absolutely amazing until we realised it was actually Ireland and we still had an office to go to. BUT that doesn’t mean all of you guys can’t enjoy the unbelievable heatwave we’re experiencing at the moment! Why not rent a car from Fleet and take a day trip to somewhere beautiful – we’re definitely not short of places anyway!

One of our favourite spots when the weather’s like this is Glendalough in County Wicklow. The Glendalough Valley is located in the Wicklow Mountains National Park and has so many attractions to entice and entertain visitors, from its world famous Monastic Site with the Round Tower to its scenic lakes and valleys, as well as a selection of walks and trails in the area including The Wicklow Way.

Getting to Glendalough by car is super easy. If you’re driving from north of Wicklow, once you reach the M11/N11, you will see an exit marked Roundwood/Glendalough (R755) and just follow the signs the rest of the way. Coming from south of Wicklow, make your way to Ashford and then take the exit marked Roundwood/Glendalough (R764), and again, signs will lead you the rest of the way – you’ll be there in no time! Try and get there early though, as even though there is plenty of parking, it’s a popular spot in the Summer and spaces are swiped up quickly.

Glendalough is great for people of all ages and especially fun for a family day out. You can bring the kids, the dogs, the picnic and the flask of tea. Relax at one of the many food vans and restaurants around the area, then dip your feet in the lake or walk up into the mountains for a breathtaking view.

With the summer holidays starting, Glendalough is the the perfect spot to spend a hot, sunny day. Grab the kids or grab your mates and start planning a trip today. Don’t worry if your little Micra doesn’t fit everyone or all of your sunbathing equipment, Fleet’s got you covered. Rent a bigger car with Fleet from only €30 for the whole day – fully comprehensive insurance with AXA included so no need to worry. Download the app today and make sure this Summer is one for exploring!

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