Fleet's peer-to-peer car sharing model is sweeping Ireland.

Change is afoot in transportation. Sharing apps have swept the world, disrupting norms and offering millions the chance to earn cash from untapped resources. What’s more, these platforms have enabled countless effortless and safe transactions with just the tap of a button.

But these changes and others are just the first tremors of an industry about to kick off a revolution in how we use our cars. Manufacturers and entire countries are rapidly embracing the electric car. Google and Tesla have sparked an arms race to develop the first self-driving cars; in less than two years, driverless vehicles will be landing on these shores. We’re just a short hop away from fleets of autonomous cars dropping their owners to work and hitting the streets to collect taxi fares.



Consumers in the smartphone age have embraced the sharing economy. Savvy people are using their phones to lend their couches, their books, their time… even their clothes! Have a spare room you want to rent out for the summer tourist rush? There’s an app for that. Need someone to walk your dog? The app store has you covered.

But what about your car? At Fleet, we’re riding the crest of this sharing wave. The first app of its kind in Ireland, we help you share and manage your car effortlessly through your smartphone. What’s more, owners who use Fleet get to earn money as and when they need it. Need extra funds for Christmas? Share your car on Fleet to make ends meet.

What if you find yourself needing a lift? Sure, you can tap on an app and summon a taxi. But maybe you need a ride for the entire weekend. Previously, your only options involved massive deposits, hidden charges, and rigid inflexibility. That’s where our army of intrepid Fleet owners comes in. Book cars for as little as one day all the way up to a month. Better still: our users offer cheaper, friendlier car rental direct from trusted local owners.


Fleet also embodies true choice: the platform has models from every mainstream manufacturer. Perhaps you have your eye on a new car. Instead of a frantic test drive at the garage, you can really get a feel for it by renting from one of our users for a few days. From premium models to more standard fare, Fleet users are offering a wide range of vehicles.

With the electric car storm phenomenon making big waves in Ireland this year (public charging is currently free), several electric and hybrid are ready to share now. Why not find out what the fuss is about and take one for a spin? The new Nissan Leaf, which is expected to do Dublin-to-Cork or London-to-Manchester on a single charge, launched earlier this month. Fleet users are already offering test drives on existing Leaf models from as little as €30-a-day this month.

Download Fleet on the App Store or get it on Google Play.


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