Fleet’s ahead at the National Ploughing Championships

The Fleet team will be at the AXA pavilion for the National Ploughing Championships in Tullamore, Co. Offaly on Tuesday 20th & Wednesday 21st September 2017.

Our strong rural and agricultural roots define us in Ireland. We’ve been working the soil, raising herds, and ploughing furrows for centuries.

At least most of us were, until modern trends drove people from the countryside to the towns and cities. This has left rural Ireland that little bit more remote and detached than it once was. But now the downfall of rural life is being reinvented as its saviour. Modern innovation is beginning to turn the clock back and offer lifelines to rural communities.

Fleet is hoping to be one of those lifelines. With Fleet, you can rent a car anywhere in the country, whenever you need it, direct from a local person in your community. That’s one of the reasons we’ll be at the trade exhibition for the 2017 National Ploughing Championships. Last year the event drew over 280,000 people, and next week we’re expecting an even larger crowd as we unveil Fleet at the AXA pavilion (though we understand if not everyone is there just to see us!).

Countless people in rural Ireland find themselves marooned far from public transport or traditional car rental. Many of us need to get a lift or borrow a car just to get into town, let alone travel further afield. That’s where Fleet comes in. Our app offers a fully peer-to-peer way for you to share or borrow vehicles for short-term use. Since our launch in June, nearly 7,000 people have signed up with us to help grow the sharing economy in Ireland.

Fleet lets vehicle owners list for free with all of the administration handled by us. And to put their minds at ease: every car shared through Fleet is guaranteed with fully comprehensive insurance and 24-hour breakdown assistance.

Currently, Fleet hosts private cars registered after 2004, but we’re really excited to find out about other uses vehicle sharing can be put to. Do you need to borrow a vehicle once or twice a month to handle your business? Is sharing tractors and farm equipment something on your radar?  Are you looking for an extra source of income?

If so, come see us in the AXA pavilion at the Ploughing Championships. Our staff will also be on hand to help you sign up to the app and share your first vehicle!

About the Ploughing Championships
Agritech is big business these days. Hundreds of thousands,  and the national media in tow with their wellies and all, descend on the Ploughing Championships each year to see the latest and greatest ideas at the trade exhibition – not to mention the tractor football. And it’s not just record crowds from Ireland and the UK attending: last year exhibitions and buyers came from countries all over the world, including America, Germany, Turkey, France, Australia, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, India, China, and Russia.

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