Fleet and the Future of Mobility at Web Summit

The Fleet team is exhibiting intelligent P2P car-sharing at the Web Summit in Pavilion 3, Stand 524 on Thursday 7th November 2017.

Web Summit is the largest technology conference in the world. Each year it pulls the biggest names and brightest minds in tech to one city to talk about how they can reshape society.

This year is no different: nearly 60,000 people have descended on Lisbon to see the most exciting and disruptive companies making waves across Europe and beyond. They’re coming to see the ideas that will make our lives more efficient, tackle climate change, and find smarter solutions to the problems affecting us all.

It’s not just tech experts flying in to geek out over the freshest innovations: policymakers, entrepreneurs, and a host of investors are there to discover the best new startups. Uber famously raised $37m in a pub during 2011’s Web Summit in Dublin, signing off on the legendary deal over a pint of the black stuff.

But more than dealmaking, Web Summit is a chance to show off the innovations sweeping through tech and reshaping business models. In just four and a half months, Fleet has gone from a fresh idea to a burgeoning platform with over 10,000 users and hundreds of listings.

We’re already making a difference: people are ditching high-emissions burners to borrow hybrid and electric vehicles through Fleet as and when they need them. Traditional rental companies are taking notice as we prove that there’s a better way to do car rental. And we’re speaking to vehicle manufacturers and businesses across the board about how they can pool their vehicles more efficiently and intelligently using Fleet’s marketplace and machine learning capabilities.

And the best part? It’s taking place not just on a national level but in local communities too. People are using Fleet to share cars directly with friends and neighbours, while others are hopping onto the app to try out new and emissions-friendly models from dealerships.

This year’s Web Summit feels especially important to the future of mobility. Google is now testing self-driving cars on public roads with no one behind the wheel. Uber has unveiled concept designs for flying taxis. And at Fleet, we’re beginning a journey to develop the new technologies that will manage entire fleets of vehicles and utilise them at maximum efficiency. We hope you’ll come along with us for the ride.


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