Want to test drive a brand new Toyota crossover hybrid?

This week Toyota Longmile joined the rush to peer-to-peer by adding several brand-new models to the Fleet marketplace

Making its first-ever appearance on Fleet this week is the 2017 Toyota C-HR Automatic Hybrid. An SUV and passenger car crossover, this exciting new model combines comfort and premium specs with safety and mileage, adding to Fleet’s growing pool of vehicles. Fleet now increasingly boasts a more diverse selection of cars than any of Ireland’s traditional car hire offerings.

One of many electric and hybrid vehicles appearing on Fleet, the C-HR boasts a range of at least 480 miles. That’s Dublin to Cork and back on a single tank of petrol. It does so thanks to a special hybrid petrol drive train and electric mode borrowed from Toyota’s popular Prius* models. And just like the Prius, it carries front wheel-drive, is fully automatic, and has best-in-class steering. Put it all together and you get a truly simple driving experience.

Beautifully sculpted, this sleek white C-HR (tap this link on mobile to open the Fleet app), which stands for Coupe High-Riding, also sports an eye-catching spaceship-style design, backed up with a low centre of gravity and excellent suspension. Best of all, it’s available immediately from Toyota Longmile in West Dublin.

Why test it out on Fleet?

Fleet is one of the only places in Ireland where you can rent the new C-HR. Looking to buy or lease? Why not first get a feel for it by taking a test drive for a day, week, or longer! Toyota Longmile’s dedicated sales team is on hand to guide you through all of the car’s features at the beginning of any Fleet rental.

And don’t forget that with Fleet, your rental is completely covered with fully comprehensive insurance, 24-hour breakdown assistance, and no hidden fees – the price you see when you confirm in-app is the price you get.

Not looking to buy? No problem! The C-HR is ideal for country trips; its innovative safety system (Toyota Safety Sense), lavish interior complete with leather seats, and impressive fuel efficiency (72mpg!) keeps costs down and peace of mind up for long journeys across Ireland.

How do I get there?

Toyota Longmile’s award-winning garages are located just two minutes from the Red Cow. Get the Luas Red Line to Kylemore and you’re only seven minutes walk from tram to dealership to keys in your hand.

What the heck is a crossover anyway?

Medium crossovers are rapidly becoming one of Ireland’s most popular cars. Now accounting for nearly 21 per cent of new sales, they’re expected to overtake most other traditional car types in the coming years. And the C-HR is leading the way: the Irish Times rated it “best in class,” branding it “the lovechild of a hatchback, coupe and SUV”.


*Which, as it happens, you can also find available from Toyota Longmile on Fleet this week.

Still not got the Fleet app? Over 100 cars are available this week on Fleet; download it now and sign up for free to see what the fuss is about!

Comments (3)

Hi ,I have 171 mercedes E Class which until January does not require an nct. It is a registered limousine.
So 3 questions
1. can I join Fleet to rent it out with no nct?

2. What sort of money could I expect for a daily rental?

3. How many hours in a days rental?

I would just need to know the answers to these questions before I would go to the trouble of downloading the App as It might not suit me,
Many thanks,
Stephen Lyons

Hi Stephen, thank you for getting in touch.

1) Yes, if a car is new enough that it doesn’t require an NCT, it’s eligible (assuming it’s also taxed!).
2) Given current prices, anywhere from €30 to €100 (or more) depending on the car. Since that type of car might be rented for weddings and other special events, it could be on the higher end of the scale. Note that it’s possible to solicit bookings through your own business or other means (something we highly encourage) – and the app lets you adjust your rental rate on the fly. Customers can then download the app to rent your car (our team is on standby to approve/vet renters at short notice).
3) Cars are rented in full-day blocks. Users can rent for shorter durations (i.e. pick up in the morning and return in the afternoon), but both these and next-day returns count as a full day’s rental.

Hope that covers your questions! Feel free to email us on info@jointhefleet.com if you have any other queries.

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