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Welcome to Fleet, your brand new peer to peer car rental service. We are an Irish company based in Co.Wicklow, passionate about empowering and improving the quality of life of our customers. Fleet will provide an affordable, accessible and enjoyable vehicle rental service whilst affording car owners nationwide the opportunity to increase their household income. Imagine achieving just one days rental per week at a rate of €50 euro; the potential revenue over the year would amount to €2,600 per annum.


Many of you will be familiar with AirBnB and the fantastic service they provide their users. Here at Fleet, we aim to provide a similar service to our customers – but for cars, vans and motorbikes – it’s that simple! So if you have a second car that sits at home most of the time, or you don’t use your car to commute to work, why not rent it out through Fleet and earn some extra cash? The money you earn could go towards paying for your car insurance, your weekly train or bus ticket, childcare, college tuition or even to save up for that well deserved summer holiday. We like to think of it as your car giving a little something back to you, as we all know the cost of running and owning a car can be quite high, especially if you’re not using it every day.


Likewise, if you are looking to rent a car for a weekend trip or to get to that important meeting across the country, why not rent a car in your local area from another Fleet member and save money compared to traditional rental services. Renting a car in rural locations can be very difficult, if not impossible! Typical rental companies tend to congregate around large metropolitan areas and airports. Fleet will enable customers to rent a vehicle conveniently whenever they need it.


When you join Fleet, you can create your profile and search for the car you really want to drive. Maybe it’s that dream car for a road trip or holiday, a people carrier because your vehicle is too small to fit extended family for the weekend, you’re moving house and need a suitably sized van – or something a little bit extra special like a wedding car.  With Fleet you can find cars close to you, and within your budget. You meet the owner and get to know the person behind the car before you get behind the wheel. You can save cars to your wish list and rent them later when you need them.


For car owners, you can list your car for rent on the days that suit you so you are never without your car when you need it. When you sign up to list your car, we will give you an indication of how much it costs to rent a car – and how much you can earn. You don’t have to worry about car insurance, we have that covered and all our rentals come with fully comprehensive insurance and breakdown assistance so you are never at risk.


Fleet will be available to download free on iOS and Android in April. Sign up today and claim your free credit to get notified when we go live at jointhefleet.com/register.

We will be posting regularly to the blog with the latest news, updates and information on Fleet. Don’t forget to follow us on social media for some really exciting competitions and giveaways in the lead up to the official launch.

With Fleet you can adventure anywhere, and create memories with the freedom and flexibility of peer to peer car rentals.

We look forward to you joining the Fleet!

Talk soon,


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I have a van I don’t use on weekends could I rent it out.

Hi David,

It can depend on the type of van. We can’t currently accept larger vans, but some smaller vehicles may be eligible. When you download the app and sign up, you can enter the vehicle’s reg to check its eligibility.

We’re hoping to add all types of vans (and other vehicles besides) in the near future; we’ll be posting an announcement as soon as we make any changes on this front.

Let me know if you have any more questions!

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